venerdì 16 novembre 2012

Outfit for NSM disco club

Good evening everybody. This is the first post on the new FASHION BLOG "VITRUVIAN MAN FASHION". Are you asking why I chose this name? No matter everything has answers.

Last weekend I spent the Saturday night at the newest and most fashion disco club in Canavese (Turin, Italy). "Non Solo Moda NSM" comes to life from the best known disco club MILU': they wanted to be the One, the Only and the most Fashion night club like during the first years of 21st century.

My outfit was classic outfit: white shirt and black jacket. 

Let's have a look on it

The clothes

Black trousers by ZARA
Black jacket by ZARA
White shirt by JOHN BASIC
Brown classic shoes by ZARA

The accesories

Brown belt by ZARA
Red beans necklace from Riviera Maya, Mexico
Brown CRUCIANI bracelet
White Limited Edition IL CENTIMETRO bracelet
Hand made bracelet with Egyptian Scarab
Silver SNAKE bracelet/necklace
Silver clock by LORENZ
Pattern print clutch by MALI'PARNI
Glasses by MARC JACOBS

The outfit was GREAT...

And what about location?????

The Entrance

Ok time for greetings ... See you next post


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