mercoledì 10 aprile 2013

Handmade ready for SUMMER

Hi guys, here I'm back again... sorry for long time non-posting, but too much workload at university.

By the way, here in Italy it's spring time even if rain and clouds crowd our sky. But our minds must be tuned on SUMMER, sun, beaches and parties!!!..good feelings, good vibes, good thoughts...

And the best way to do so is to look at this amazing shoes collection from ABISSO MILANO!.. fluo, and summer colors are matched and mixed surprisingly and in a funny way. Luca and Ross are putting on fire our wish and desire to walk on summer.

Everything handmade, leather twisted with so much craftsmanship. From the meeting of our two designers Luca and Ross, around shoe manufacturing world, ABISSO MILANO is born and grown during one year of team work.

This is what ITALIANS do: handmade crafts to fulfill worldwide desires.

Good job Luca and Ross

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